The Florist’s Notebook

More and more people understand the importance of flowers and plants in our lives. We have plants in our living spaces and workplaces, and give floral arrangements as gifts and tokens of affection and appreciation for others.  But who can help us find the desired floral arrangements? We turn to the florist, the floral designer, to utilize the talent and creativity of those friendly people.

In the floral industry, we find talented and creative designers who passionately create bouquets and arrangements with love and understanding for their customers. But where do those designers come from? Hm… the cabbage patch? Oh no! There is a passion growing in a designer’s chest at a young age to grow and create with their own hands. They go to school and learn many things, and still are fascinated with flowers and all growing things. Often, it’s a journey that takes time.

If you are fascinated by plants, flowers, and arranging them, you are in the right place. My name is Wolf Konig, and I founded Ginkgo Floral Design many years ago. I have had the aforementioned passion, went to school, ran a few successful floral businesses, and allowed my expertise and style to grow over time.

Molly Bull and I transferred some of the passion and insights into a little guide called “The Florist’s Notebook”. It is for individuals who are interested or passionate about becoming a floral designer, and for those who want to know more about the Floral Industry. We will give you theoretical knowledge, and practical tips, which will help to be successful in this field.


Picture of a drawing of a white flower bouquet hand-tied with brown rope
Side picture of one yellow Gerbera for decorative purposes. Beside this image on the right are Chapters that have been transformed into articles for The Florist's Notebook.