Birthday & Celebrations Flowers

Every flower shop has a secret. Our secret is how much thought we put into our arrangements to make them special.

Today is a special day, it’s their special day. Send them an arrangement to show how much they mean to you and make their day just a little bit more memorable.


Pink Sonata Birthday Flowers

Pink Sonata

Stylish and sophisticated flowers of gorgeous pastel pinks, greens and whites arranged in a glass square vase. Pink Sonata will make any occasion special, especially when celebrating birthday or the birth of a baby girl.

We skillfully arranged this bouquet with a composition of soft pink Alstroemeria, soft pink Roses, soft pink Mums (Chrysanthemums), white Roses, white Spider Mums (Chrysanthemum), and green Boat Orchids (Cymbidiums). Include a personalized message to add that personal touch.

$ 49.95

Happy Ends and Beginnings Birthday Flowers

Happy Ends & Beginnings

Help celebrate their birthday or the birth of a child, by reminding them of the new chapter in their life. Celebrate the new beginnings, and create happy thoughts. Many Gerberas are found in this bouquet.

There are yellow, coral pink, soft pink, and beige Gerberas that make up most of the arrangement. Paired with a subtle hint of yellow Mums (Chrysanthemums), creamy Roses, and blue Irises to create the Happy Ends & Beginnings bouquet.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 69.95

Spotlight Birthday Flowers


Spotlight shines light onto the birthday person, making their birthday meaningful. It’s all about them, so let’s show that by sending this arrangement.

Beautifully crafted bouquet of white Hydrangeas, blush pink and yellow Mums (Chrysanthemums), yellow Roses, white Statice, red Alstroemeria, and white Stocks in a clear vase. It will make them feel like they are the center of attention; in the spotlight.

Vase Arrangement – $ 59.95

Belvedere Birthday Flowers


This bespoke arrangement features high-end and elegant flowers. This hand tied bouquet or vase arrangement contains a mixture of creamy Roses, white Alstroemeria, green Dianthus, white Gerbera, white Mums (Chrysanthemum), white Waxflower, white miniature Roses and white Lilies.

Belvedere is sure to make their celebration grand and beautiful.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 129.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 139.95

Her Special Moment Birthday Flowers

Her Special Moment

Not your traditional arrangement, this is a gift that makes a statement. It’s her moment, so let this beautiful collection of succulents and flowers add to that moment.

A widely sophisticated array of uniquely placed soft pink Snapdragons, soft pink Alstroemeria, hot pink Roses, soft pink Roses, pink Lilies, white Waxflower, and last but not least, Echeveria succulent in a rectangular white ceramic vase. It will definitely make her day.

White Container Arrangement – $ 89.95

High Society Birthday Flowers

High Society

This classic design of white and light pink fills the room with luxury. You cannot go wrong with the simple elegance of the white blooms.

Available in a hand tied bouquet or a vase arrangement of your choosing, with a combination of white Lilies, white Hydrangeas, white Mums (Chrysanthemum), white Lilies, and soft pink Roses.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 129.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 139.95

Royal Treatment Birthday Flowers

Royal Treatment

A mix of designer selected lavender Mums (Chrysanthemum), green Boat Orchids (Cymbidiums), and green Hypericums, makes for a perfect way to treat someone with royalty. White Alstroemeria are used to bring out the pops of green and purple colours, and to create a luxurious shape for any high-end birthday event.

To add a little bit more to the shape, blue Statice, Dusty Miller and pink Stocks are skillfully placed.

Vase Arrangement – $ 59.95

Make A Wish Birthday Flowers

Make A Wish

This gorgeous floral cake is expertly crafted using purple Daisies, light purple Roses, pink Dendrobium Orchids, lavender Statice, white Hydrangeas, and soft pink Roses.

Make A Wish is a fun, truly memorable gift that is shaped in a form of a cake, topped with birthday candles that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Vase Arrangement – $ 69.95

Thousands Of Smiles Birthday Flowers

Thousands Of Smiles

Specially handcrafted petite bouquet of red Roses, purple Dahlias, and lavender Statice creates a gorgeous array of intense reds and rays of purple blooms. Dusty miller is perfectly arranged in this bouquet to bring out those intense colours.

Bring a Thousand of Smiles to someone’s home to celebrate a special occasion.

Vase Arrangement – $ 49.95

Congratulations and Celebration Birthday Flowers

Congratulations & Celebration

Congratulations & Celebration are full of very pretty orange Roses and orange Gerberas that create a touch of sweetness. Paired with pink and purple Waxflower, dark purple Alstroemeria, and purple Roses is the perfect colour combination.

For the grande finale, light green Hydrangeas are added to bring out the sweet array of colours that are centered on shades of orange and pink.

Vase Arrangement – $ 129.95

Wings Of A Silver Bird Birthday Flowers

Wings Of A Silver Bird

Enhance the birthday spirits and vibes by sending them this artistic mixture of tropical flowers that create a free and flowing statement.

Couple of Monstera leaves that resemble the wings of a bird are placed in the background, with specialty flowers in the forefront, taking the creativity to a new level. Birds Of Paradise, yellow Roses, orange Celosia, and hints of Dusty Miller in the center create memories of a tropical paradise. Send them into a state of relaxation and freedom.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 74.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 94.95

Blue Birds Birthday Flowers

Blue Birds

The purity of the light blue colours of Statice and Tweedia (Oxypetalum coeruleum) will make their heart flutter with happiness. Celebrate the arrival of a baby boy or someone’s birthday with the Blue Birds arrangement.

You will also find Lysianthus, white Mums (Chrysanthemum), green Celosia, green Dianthus, green Bells, white Roses, and few pieces of Dusty Miller for added texture. A clear blue vase holds this divine collection of flowers together.

Vase Arrangement – $ 49.95

Twirling Carousel Birthday Flowers

Twirling Carousel

Colour any celebratory occasion with this beautiful arrangement of fun-filled and joyous memories of the twirling carousel. Bring the memories back with this bright bouquet of all the colours.

This colourful bouquet includes light orange Needle Protea, blue Tweedia (Oxypetalum coeruleum), hot pink Roses, orange Roses, hot pink Gerbera, orange Gerbera, purple Alstroemeria, and green Hydrangeas, with a glass vase to match.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 79.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 94.95

Merengue Fire Birthday Flowers

Merengue Fire

Get caught up in the Caribbean culture with Merengue Fire. Feel the orange Birds of Paradise pierce through the high energy firey moments, and get caught up in the heat.

Send this arrangement that consists of white Lisianthus, orange Alstroemeria, orange Roses, soft pink Cymbidium, and exotic leaves to a friend or loved one.

Vase Arrangement – $ 79.95

The Purple Star Birthday Flowers

The Purple Star

Wealth, luxury, and creativity are sometimes associated with the colour purple. The Purple Star’s main focus is on purple Mums (Chrysanthemum), with hints of blue Delphiniums, hot pink Roses, and hot pink Gerbera.

Show up at their birthday celebration, and give them this special arrangement to portray how important they are, and how much they enhance your life.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 79.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 89.95

Vogue Birthday Flowers


Cascading pink Phalaenopsis orchids, white Lisianthus, white Hydrangea, white Roses, and exotic leaves bouquet allows the receiver to have the ultimate experience, leaving them speechless.

This professionally arranged bouquet will satisfy the luxury needs and desires of every individual.

Vase Arrangement – $ 299.95

Viva Fuerte Birthday Flowers

Viva Fuerte

Viva Fuerte is truly impressive with deep greens, light and dark pinks, and purple rich colours. Artistically composed to demonstrate this unique look, will definitely capture your loved one’s attention on their special day.

Composed of Cascading pink Phalaenopsis Orchids, Monstera leaves, hot pink Roses, purple Star Delilahs, green Hypericums, and Aspidistra leaves on a silver square plate.

Vase Arrangement – $ 79.95

Strength and Grace Birthday Flowers

Strength & Grace

Light pink roses symbolize grace and joy. This powerful pattern of flowers and colours emulates strength and grace. Give the gift of Strength and Grace to let them know they are strong and beautiful.

Strength and Grace is composed of pink Lilies, hot/soft pink Roses, and beautiful fragment Stocks. Topped with soft pink Alstroemeria.



Crackling Fire Winter Arrangement

Crackling Fire

Bursts of hot pink Roses and orange Gerbera Daisies resemble burning flames of a fireplace. Send warmth and bursts of cheery Gerbera Daisies to a friend or loved one this season.

Green Spider Mums, green Dianthus, red Alstroemeria, coral Gerbera Daisies, and Ruscus leaves are used to complete the Crackling Fire arrangement.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 59.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 69.95

Let It Snow Winter Arrangment

Snow White Poses

Capture the beauty with an all-white bouquet or arrangement of flowers. It reminds us of what natures has to offer, and feels the air with amazing fragrances that adds to the memorable day.

Composed of white creamy Roses, white Lisianthus, Chrysanthemum White Daisies, white Baby’s Breath, white Peonies, Ruscus leaves, Dusty Miller. Snow White Poses is the perfect gift to give to a family member or friend who is looking forward to all the magic that this event brings.

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 49.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 59.95

Celebrate The Day Birthday

Celebrate The Day

Celebrate The Day is an arrangement created from a dream, it has beautiful collection of plants, while simultaneously being delicate and elegant. When you are sending flowers to someone to celebrate their special day, you are sending admiration, kindness, and love.

Featuring beige Pampas Grass, beige and white Roses, Baby Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, white Stocks, and golden Salal leaves (Gaultheria Shallon).

Hand Tied Bouquet – $ 79.95
Vase Arrangement – $ 89.95


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Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your bouquet due to the availability of certain flowers in various parts of the country. Care is taken to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal value. Additionally, the substitution of certain keepsake items may be necessary due to increased demand, especially during major holidays. In single-flower arrangements, such as an all rose bouquet, or orchids, we will make every attempt to match the flower type, but may substitute with another color.