A Passion For Flowers and Service

Every flower shop has a secret. Our secret is our passion for plants and flowers we care for and create with.

To create the floral arrangements, you entrusted us with, we combine our skills and knowledge and top it off with a passionate salvo of creativity. Our flower creations carry your message to a friend, a loved one or a person of special interest. We are a Florist in Toronto were passionate action starts by purchasing the flowers at the Ontario Flower Growers auction. There we select the fresh and most beautiful flowers we offer to you at our flower shop. One hour after the flower auction, the flowers are at our store where we prepare and cut the flowers for display to you. After the flowers are ready for sale, we start filling your orders. Our passion for floral design can again be appreciated through our creations with ornamental flowers that result in a delightful variety of floral gifts for you to pick up in the store or to have delivered by our delivery service.

A simple house plant or an elaborate miniature garden from us will brighten up your environment for months to come.


We offer exquisite Floral Arrangements, Plants and Planters arranged with creativity and care. You can choose Floral Designs in vases, Creative Designs in baskets or planted creations in ceramic containers. Such Floral Creations include an assortment of plants and containers for your selection. We fashion plants into creative designs that exemplify the bond between man and nature. Our Floral Arrangements accommodate and express the givers wishes towards a person, a group or an institution. We offer our Designed Arrangements in different colors, textures and dimension variations.

Let Ginkgo Floral Design be your first choice for flowers.